Tuesday, September 06, 2005

RACE DAY and My New Floor...
We went to what is called "Race Day" last Saturday. It is a bunch of Cairn Terrier owners in the Pacific Northwest who get together and "race" their doggies and other fun stuff like bobbing for hot dog pieces. It was a 2 1/2 hour trip for Crazydogmama and husband. For me, it was confirmation that my dogs are truly retarded.

You see, we stuff our pups into the box shown (like race horses), then dangle some pelts in front of the little windows in the boxes, then lift up the door and watch the dogs chase the pelts that are being reeled toward the finish line. That is the way it is SUPPOSED to work. What you see here is Louie, finally coming out of his box after the race is over. When the doors were lifted, the other 3 dogs burst from their places and took off - but from the fourth box, just a big fat LOU-ASS. That's right, my dog was turned around bass-akwards. I was laughing so hard, I got a nice picture of the ground instead of my humilating DOG'S ASS. When he finally figured out that everyone was looking at him, he trotted out and had the "Hey, wassa happenin'?" look on his dumbass doggie face. He may as well have just taken a dump.

Here is Maggie - who, not quite as retarded as Louie (but close) is running her way to second place. (no prizes for 2nd place) She is the one on the far right below. What makes her sudo-retarded is her sharp right turn at the finish line into the net. In full run. (Note: You can see here that there is another retarded dog turned around backwards in the box.) It was old news by then, though.

...and here we have Louie again, trying to redeem himself. He actually ran this time, but came in last. Oh well, that's my boy!! He is the one in the very back just coming out of the box.

I thought for sure we'd clean-up in the hot dog contest since they usually suck the ceramic off their bowls every night trying to get the last crumb of kibble. Nope. My dogs apparently just like the taste of hot dog-flavored water. Couldn't get them to dunk their choppers.

All in all an entertaining, but exhausting day.

Oh, and for extra fun, we put in laminate flooring this weekend. See how pretty?


Prissy said...

Retarded or not, the dogs are adorable! And the new flooring is gorgeous!

midnightbunny said...

The flooring is absolutely beautiful. Hardwoods are always so warm, and add so much to a room. The dogs are so cute. It looks like they had a great time. :D