Thursday, September 22, 2005

More good news...
This just in from "Jack Coles" who studies earthquakes and has the most accurate (in my opinion) cutting-edge method of earthquake detection:

"General Forecast for Alaska down to Panama As of September 20th, 2005

A 90-day General Forecast has been issued for Alaska down to Panama, most probable location - California.
This forecast is based on the largest "Initial Signal" ever detected originating from the Silicon Valley-San Francisco area covering 1/4-to-1/3 of the entire State of California. Another very large initial signal was received on September 14, 2005 - see September 14, 2005 message. A "Specific Forecast" will be issued upon the detection of a "Main signal or Signals". The Specific Forecast will include a specific magnitude and the most likely dates. If such data is received, than at that time, the location and percentage of certainty will be adjusted accordingly.Currently the percentage of probability is 7% (percent). This forecast is in effect from September 20th-to-December 20th, 2005. Conditions and status can change instantly. Please check back often for updates. We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you further news as it develops."

If you are interested, here is his forum:

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