Thursday, September 29, 2005

Can anyone say sugar-high?
The following is what has been sucked into my face today, much like that commercial where the person's T.V. is sucking everything to it like a huge magnet:

1. HUGE triple-shot iced mocha WITH. WHIP. CREAM. Not nonfat. (Caffeine IS a food group, you know.)
2. Powdered donut with raspberry filling (Fruit!)
3. Large glass of milk (a little protein here, folks...shut up)
4. HUGE piece of birthday cake. (Not my birthday, but I'm chalking this up to a carb serving.)

and it is only 11am. Time for lunch!!!

I will be severely crashing around 2pm. I am not putting my food in fitday today. Just cuz. I am already depressed because I am having an acne break-out (how surprising) and I feel a fever blister coming on. Sigh.

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