Monday, September 12, 2005

The Best Reason for Getting Hardwood Floors
(Note: BOOM! = Doggy face-plant.)
Once we (I mean Jim - I just took pictures) finished the installation of the hardwood floor in the kitchen, the best part was not to enjoy the prettiness of our new floor, but to watch the dogs get used to it. We let the dogs out of the crates once done, and I really didn't need to turn on the T.V. at all that night. Maggie came racing into the kitchen and BOOM! Then Louie, BOOM! and slide and BOOM! After going potty in the rain: Clickity, clickity, BOOM! Slide, BOOM! Make the dogs do tricks for treats: Sit up, fall backwards, BOOM!, clickity, BOOM! (and hysterical, evil laughter from humans.) Startle the dogs on purpose: clickity-clackity BOOM! This is true revenge for all the pooping and peeing on my floor, you little fuckers!

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colleen said...

They'll figure it out eventually, then you have to get creative and get them wound up with their favorite fetch toys before tossing it in there and watching them run full force before sliding into the cabinets. It's great fun!