Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Something is wrong with me
I know that is stating the obvious, but seriously, something is wrong. I have been doing nothing but SLEEPING. I go to work at 8am - get off around 4:30 - go home and sleep until the next morning. I also sleep all weekend...what the hell? I only have 1 job now, you'd THINK I would have more energy - but no. Total and complete laziness. My house is such a mess right now it makes me twitch, and I can't remember what my husband looks like. Could it be the heat? Am I depressed? I dunno. I feel like an uber-sloth. I haven't worked-out in days (that could be the problem) and I just don't feel like doing caca. I've tried to make myself do stuff, but I end up all whiney and crabby. I am going to go get some blood drawn to make sure I'm not anemic or something. Coffee isn't even working.

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