Thursday, July 28, 2005

My dog is "Special Needs"
So, last night after coming home from drinking fuzzy martini's (yes, on a work night, shut up) I proceeded to join my hubby on the back porch for a nightcap. It is there where Maggie, my completely retarded dog, stared up at moths hitting the porch light for an hour. AN. HOUR. without even moving. Just standing there, staring UP. I tried to look at the light for about 5 seconds to try and capture the magic, but all it did was make me see spots. How could she even see anything? I kept telling her that the moths were too high, but she just ignored me. I could have been wearing a porkchop necklace and she still wouldn't have budged. It was kinda funny, though, watching her - like a statue.

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