Friday, June 17, 2005


No, wait, just kidding. Oops. I was causally driving my new SUV to work on Wednesday morning (butt-warmer ON, yes) when I heard this: "There has been a Tsunami warning issued for Oregon, Northern CA and parts of the Washington coast due to a 7.4 earthquake." Ummmm...holy crap. They just said it so calmly and matter-of-factly - similar to when they say "and it will be sunny and warm again today". NICE. Granted, it turned out to be no big deal, but still...

Looks like good 'ol Cali is shakin' again. Another earthquake (6.9) today - and Chile just had a 7.9. I think we are all getting a little complacent - about weather, about earthquakes, about the war in Iraq...there are things (unusual things) happenning all around us every day. and we are just thinking "and its going to be another sunny day today".

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