Monday, May 09, 2005

Hell is frozen and pigs are flying.
Drumroll pleez....I did it!! I did it!! I QUIT MY DAY JOB. I have been there for 10 WHOLE YEARS. It is the only real job I've ever had.

Out of the blue, I got a call from this really great job across the street from where I work now. I interviewed, got an offer, and took it. Lots more $$, lots more benes, and STOCK OPTIONS. God, I feel like an adult or something. Scary. I am a little freaked out, though - this is a HUGE step for me. I will be exiting my comfort zone. I may be a little neurotic in the weeks to come. Just warning you.

I quit one of my restaurant jobs, too. I repeat: I QUIT ONE OF MY RESTAURANT JOBS. As it stands now, I will only be working a couple of hours on Friday nights at the French restaurant, just for fun. :) HOLY CRAP. A REAL LIFE. Look out world...

I start my new job the 23rd. My old job is not happy. It will be an interesting 2 weeks. A little sad, too, I've known some of my co-workers for the entire 10 years. BUT, I will just be across the street...heehee.

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Anonymous said...

yay! i'm sooooo freakin' happy for you! and jim and the doggies too! rawhide chewies for everyone!! :)