Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I scare people.
Ok, so two jobs wasn't enough. Three anyone? I self mutilate. Leave me alone. I started a new part-time job at a another restaurant in the hopes of replacing the other restaurant job where they make we work weekends and expose me to THE BEAST. (See a few posts back for explanation if you just can't stand not to know.) I want to work 4 days a week. That's it. I will have to fit 48 hours worth of work into those 4 days, but whatever. Having three days off IN A ROW is nessesita right now for my sanity. I started my new job last night, and the girl who was training me asked "Do you have any kids?". A normal response would have been: "No, none of my own but I do have a step son." However, since I am not normal (who knew?) I said something like: "OH HELL NOOOO." - to which her response was laughter and a comment like "Wow, I've never gotten a response like that before. It doesn't sound like you're GOING TO HAVE kids either." Apparently, my vocal cords spasm and contort when asked if I have kids.

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Anonymous said...

mmm..cheryl I see you're burning that candle at it's four ends again..(like I can judge!) hope the new job is good and makes you happier (how's the food at the new place?)

ps-i think i make that scary vocal cord spasm when I get asked about kids too. i'm sure my response is similar to what makes it look like someone has just asked me if I intend to murder little kittens or something....~Nichole