Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh, Crap.

An article I read this morning:

"Mount Endeavor Being Born?
We're not sure what to make of it, but the latest from the USGS suggests that we may be about to see a new mountain emerge from under the Pacific Ocean off the Northwest Coast of Washington State:
From their Sunday update:
March 6 Update: Earthquake activity at the Endeavour segment remains at background levels and did not increase overnight. The R/V Thompson [Research Vessel from the U of W - GU] is scheduled to be onsite at noon today. The initial plan is to perform water-column surveys along the northern end of Endeavour (on-axis) from 48 12' to 48 05'. If no temperature anomaly is detected, the ship will move west over to the southern end of West Valley and perform another North-South survey there.
We've been focused on the earth changes since the tsunami in SE Asia that has killed perhaps 400,000 when all is said and done. The problems for the West Coast could be immense if we were to experience a big shaker off the coast of the U.S. Since our sailing days, we have been watching this area, and one further south, about 160 miles west of Northern California, and the third site west of south-central Oregon as likely spots to grow mountains - volcanic islands.

What we don't like to consider is the possibility that when 9.3 quake energy is released on the south side of the Pacific Plate, that a corresponding 9.3 release on the northern side is possible. With 3,700 odd quakes (of all sizes) in the area from roughly the north end of Vancouver Island down to Portland, and the Cascade range west 200-300 miles, we would not be inclined to be buying waterfront real estate in the Pacfic Northwest right now."

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