Thursday, March 31, 2005

More new jobs and my general well-being
So, that job I told you that my hubby got?? Well, it didn't work out. BUT...he got ANOTHER new job and THIS one is cool. It is totally outside of the field he was in before (which was woodworking). This new job incorporates all of his man-liness, and he loves it. He came home yesterday and was all like..."and work...I got to do got to see get the picture. ( bandcamp....)

My work however, is just not as exciting. I do have kindofa funny story, though. Yesterday, my boss asked what my official title was, and after I told him I said "but that's not really my title according to some." He is a bit of a smartass himself and he said "I know." That raised my eyebrow and I said "It better be a NICE title...damnit." and he said "Well, it has the word Goddess in it." I can live with that.

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