Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter?

For our Easter this year, it was off to the in-laws with the kid. After a nice Easter prayer was said by my husband, and during a very lovely ham dinner, I decided to have some champagne. Mistake.

After offering some champagne to my step son as a joke (to which he respectfully declined), I spilled a little gravy on my shirt. (not a surprise.) I went to the sink to wash it off and then had a large water stain on my boob-area. When my husband said something or other about my "wet spot", I of course, giggled and said something like "are you talking about my vagina?" My stepson almost shot apple cider out of his nose and THEN I SAID TO HIM: Yeah, you're probably thinking to youself "I wish I had said yes to that fucking champagne" now aren't you? Laughter erupted from my stepson and myself, and I'm sure I will be disowned from the family by Tuesday.

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