Thursday, March 31, 2005

I couldn't resist.
So for all you fuckers out there that roll yer eyes everytime I start blogging about earthquakes getting worse and NEOs (Near-earth-objects), have you been listening to the news lately and seen all of what is happening??? Hmmm??? 8.7 earthquake killing possibly 2000...scientists worried about Yellowstone....check this site out for all current goings-on. I'm telling you, something it just won't believe me.
More new jobs and my general well-being
So, that job I told you that my hubby got?? Well, it didn't work out. BUT...he got ANOTHER new job and THIS one is cool. It is totally outside of the field he was in before (which was woodworking). This new job incorporates all of his man-liness, and he loves it. He came home yesterday and was all like..."and work...I got to do got to see get the picture. ( bandcamp....)

My work however, is just not as exciting. I do have kindofa funny story, though. Yesterday, my boss asked what my official title was, and after I told him I said "but that's not really my title according to some." He is a bit of a smartass himself and he said "I know." That raised my eyebrow and I said "It better be a NICE title...damnit." and he said "Well, it has the word Goddess in it." I can live with that.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter?

For our Easter this year, it was off to the in-laws with the kid. After a nice Easter prayer was said by my husband, and during a very lovely ham dinner, I decided to have some champagne. Mistake.

After offering some champagne to my step son as a joke (to which he respectfully declined), I spilled a little gravy on my shirt. (not a surprise.) I went to the sink to wash it off and then had a large water stain on my boob-area. When my husband said something or other about my "wet spot", I of course, giggled and said something like "are you talking about my vagina?" My stepson almost shot apple cider out of his nose and THEN I SAID TO HIM: Yeah, you're probably thinking to youself "I wish I had said yes to that fucking champagne" now aren't you? Laughter erupted from my stepson and myself, and I'm sure I will be disowned from the family by Tuesday.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chipmunks and Kickboxing

Apparently, when I'm kickboxing, I look like a chipmunk. That's right folks. Last night at practice, my ever-so-loving ho-bag of a friend said that when I'm punching and she is holdling the mits, I have this very chipmunky front-teeth-over-my-bottom-lip thing going on. Its my concentration, OK? Sheesh. Anyway, she did an impression of me and I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. You know, the kind of laughing where your mouth is open but no sound is coming out and tears are flying down your face and your stomach hurts? I'm sure we entertain the rest of the class. So, now that she has made fun of me in public, I'm going to plaster her name all over the internet. MARYANN, MARYANN, MARYANN. So there!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blog Hell
Its been so damn hard to post lately. I don't know why. Is it laziness? Perhaps. Is it that nothing interesting is happening? Nahh... Is it that I'm too busy? Probably. Anyway, I have bloggers-block, I think. I start writing and it just sounds like blah, blah, blah, blah. The dogs haven't even done anything blog-worthy lately. I could post more about the crazy world events that are plunging us into Armageddon...but nah. I could tell you about my scrapbooking....boring. How about the fact that my new boss is making me work so hard that I go home and go right to sleep? Yeah, that would make YOU go right to sleep. So, here we are. Nothing. I did start drinking OJ again after reading Skwigg's post. Maybe that is what is blocking my blog abilities. Whatever. Crap. This is quite possibly the stupidest fucking post EVER. Sorry. I'll try to do better later.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stepkids and Crazy-Ass Dogs

My stepson (in the middle) just turned 13. He is a total goofball (we get along great) and here he is with his fruitloop friends. He has his first girlfriend now (not shown in picture cuz he would kill me) - her name is Hope. Ok, 1...2...3...awwww.

..and here is Maga-dog. It never fails when I am on the floor taking pictures, there WILL be a dog nose print on the camera.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This just in...(warning - if you are a weenie, and live on the West Coast of America, don't read this)
Stan Deyo has made this statement:

"Stan Deyo Issues Warning ! March 7, 2005/

This evening on Steve Quayle's Q-Files Radio Program, Scientist Stan Deyo issued a Warning about a possible building Cascade Subduction Zone 9.0+ Earthquake that could produce not only a 9.0 Quake but also resulting multiple tsunamis' that could last 8 to 10 hours, washing back and forth,causing much destruction.

Deyo reported that the Juan de Fuca Plate is starting to buckle and puts British Columbia at great risk; also threatening Washington, Oregon, California and basically the entire West Coast of US. Deyo reported that he has never seen these type signals ever off the West Coast of US, but they're there now!

Deyo believes that the other Scientists that should be warning are being muzzled by their governments to avoid panic. Steve Quayle stated he has reports that Russian Scientists are warning of a 10.0+ off the US West Coast. Deyo did report that this involves not only Seismic Quake activity but also volcanic at Mt. St. Helen's and under the ocean off Vancouver Island.

This is a very serious Warning to the United States & Canadian West Coast area. Included in the interview was reports that Scientists are rushing to the northwestern and Canadian area to investigate the current spike of events and danger signals. Deyo reported that local northwest advisories are advising a Go-Bag with 72 hours provision and advise to flee the area if anything happens. "
Mountain go boom
Mt. St. Helens erupted during my commute home yesterday. I am too far away to see any of it, but it is always exciting when you get about 5 cell phone calls from friends and family saying "it blew again". Everyone I know, knows that I love following all these kinds of events...volcanos, earthquakes, etc. - so when something happens, I am all of sudden very popular to talk to. The last few weeks have been rather eventful, too. All kinds of shit going down. My skeptical husband who always rolls his eyes at me, said to me yesterday "you know, something is not right. Too much stuff is happening - and something is not right." My paranoia has finally rubbed off! LOL. :) The dogs have been all twitchy, too. Last night Louie started howling, and this morning Jim said they were all lovey. SOMETHING IS DEFINATELY WRONG FOLKS. hehe.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh, Crap.

An article I read this morning:

"Mount Endeavor Being Born?
We're not sure what to make of it, but the latest from the USGS suggests that we may be about to see a new mountain emerge from under the Pacific Ocean off the Northwest Coast of Washington State:
From their Sunday update:
March 6 Update: Earthquake activity at the Endeavour segment remains at background levels and did not increase overnight. The R/V Thompson [Research Vessel from the U of W - GU] is scheduled to be onsite at noon today. The initial plan is to perform water-column surveys along the northern end of Endeavour (on-axis) from 48 12' to 48 05'. If no temperature anomaly is detected, the ship will move west over to the southern end of West Valley and perform another North-South survey there.
We've been focused on the earth changes since the tsunami in SE Asia that has killed perhaps 400,000 when all is said and done. The problems for the West Coast could be immense if we were to experience a big shaker off the coast of the U.S. Since our sailing days, we have been watching this area, and one further south, about 160 miles west of Northern California, and the third site west of south-central Oregon as likely spots to grow mountains - volcanic islands.

What we don't like to consider is the possibility that when 9.3 quake energy is released on the south side of the Pacific Plate, that a corresponding 9.3 release on the northern side is possible. With 3,700 odd quakes (of all sizes) in the area from roughly the north end of Vancouver Island down to Portland, and the Cascade range west 200-300 miles, we would not be inclined to be buying waterfront real estate in the Pacfic Northwest right now."

FINALLY! Jim got a job! I was laughing at him this morning because he works at 5am in the morning and he was dragging ass. I have been getting up at 4am for as long as I can remember, so I was not so sympathetic. LOL. Apparently my teasing ticked off God, though, because after Jim left I spent a half-hour looking for my stupid fucking keys - making me LATE for work with my new boss. THEN, I got a call from Jim and he told me he was being sent home early because there was a minor earthquake that his new job was at the epicenter of. Stuff was all over the place that they were having to clean up, and the machinery was out of calibration rendering it useless. Figures.

Have you noticed the increase in earthquake activity lately?? Well, just in case you didn't: