Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well, crap.
So I went back to work on Monday. I put up my new calendar, checked all my bazillion work-emails and had 6 cups of coffee. In walks the Vice Pres. He wants to talk to me. Holy Shit. I'm not on the internet, I swear! He wants to speak in private. oooooohhhhhhh...Gawwd. It's only a few hours into my day, in the new year, and he tells me: "I've just laid off your boss". What do you say to that? "Oh, Ok?" "Why did you do that?" "Oh, fuck!" "Hip-hip Hooray!"?????????? I just blinked. As my boss packed up his office, I was given a stack of work taller than my desk. I have been told that the company is being "reorganized". Yeah, whatever. I'm a peon here, so I'm not in jeopardy right now. I don't think. I don't make the big bucks.

So, being bossless, here I write in my blog. I better get to work...


Anonymous said...

Yikes! What a way to start the new year! Hope the reorganization goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Accck, that sounds shaky. Hang in there. I know you always land on your feet however this goes.