Thursday, January 27, 2005

Someone needs to take the internet away from me
Its a hopeless, dangerous addiction that gets me into to more trouble....
Currently, there is a rescue Cairn Terrier who needs adopting in my area. Crap. This little 6 month old DOLL needs me, people. My husband is bugging me about getting her, but I keep telling him we can't because he needs a JOB FIRST. Dogs are expensive, I already have two dogs, I have to work a lot...blah, blah, blah. I know. But it just breaks my heart. I am the ultimate sucker. Jim walks his unemployed ass around the house all day telling Lou & mags they're gonna get a "sister". He gets them all riled up. Then he gets me all riled up. I keep saying no, but I'm gonna break, I'm telling you. As soon as he gets a job, I'm gonna break. He has an interview Tuesday for a good job that he is perfect for. Keep your fingers and paws crossed!!


blah234897 said...

Good luck to Mr. Crazy Dogpapa! I hope he gets the job. And on rescuing the puppy... if you can give the puppy a better life than what it has had up until now, then you should open your home to it. If it would be mass chaos with 3 terriers, then perhaps find a friend to whom you can pawn the puppy off on.

Anonymous said...

We're the same way with pit bulls and rotties. We have 2 pit mixes and one rottie...and there's a little boy rottie I'm dying to have. We've started volunteering with an animal rescue thinking this would help us with our urge to keep adopting...but all it does is make us want to bring home whatever dog we're assigned to.

Good luck to Mr. CrazyDogMama on his interview!