Monday, January 31, 2005

My husband's diet
When Jim dropped a fire-cheeto in his pot roast last night, I thought to myself: "I need to blog this.". Jim is the freakiest eater on the face of the planet. This is a man who ate fig newtons EVERY. DAY. for two years. Then, he went through a bagel phase. When I mean phase, I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner for an indefinate period of time. I'm pressed to eat *anything* twice in the same DAY, unless of course it involves iced mochas or pizza. He also does this really bizarre combo-thing, too. (like spicy cheetos and pot roast) Yesterday this is what he ate in the time frame of 3pm to 8pm:

frozen pot roast "Life Choice" dinner with green beans and spicy cheetos.

Pork pot stickers with soy sauce.

Huge-ass piece of lasagna.

Chocolate brownie with white chunky sugar things in it.

more pot stickers and more spicy cheetos.

"Smart Ones" frozen chicken and pasta stirfry.

Please tell me this boy doesn't need some food-therapy...

Did I mention he had SPICY CHEETOS WITH POT ROAST?? yuck.

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