Thursday, November 04, 2004

Three words: Toffee. Almond. Bars.
God has sent these down to Starbucks from Heaven...and I finally tried one. It almost pained me to purchase a non-chocolate item, but OH MY GOD IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I snarfed that puppy down in 3 bites while waiting for my mocha. (Yes, I know. Shut up.) I think I must have looked shocked and orgasmic at the same time because the barista kept looking up at me with a "you are going to choke" look on her face. I'm telling you right now - TRY THEM. Forget the chocolate espresso brownies. Ok, don't forget them, but go toffee. You won't regret it. Don't go to the Starbucks I go to, though. Cuz they are MINE...ALL MINE. I might just purchase the whole lot and sit my toffee-ass in front of the TiVo tonight.

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Gama said...

lol ... your blog is pretty cool :)
loved it.