Sunday, October 10, 2004

Blog Catch-Up
It has been a slacker week in blogland for me. I have been sleeping, eating and working. gah. I am meeting my long lost friend for coffee on Monday night - so that should prove interesting.
We have A LOT to catch up on. I have missed my friend terribly - and have felt bad for a long time that we lost touch on a bad note. She is the one with whom I spent my "rebel" years with - so talking about old times will be a hoot. Lots of drunken, stupid and INSANELY fun times.

In other news, my neighbors need to die. They are the most ANNOYING people on the planet. As you may recall, they are the ones who have the obnoxious playset in the backyard with the kids that I refer to as "the spawn of hell". Did I ever tell you about the night I drank too much? Me and hubby were playing music loud, and Holly Hobbie over there got in a huff and started *slamming* windows and such. I decided to FLASH THEM. Yep. I did. hehe. Anyway, they are always in the backyard. I mean ALWAYS. It could be raining, and they are out there playing with their damn kids. I hate it. I am a very private person, and there is nothing worse than seeing those freaks every time I look up. No one else in the neighborhood goes outside that much, and of course, the ONES THAT ACT LIKE OZZIE AND FUCKING HARRIET have to live right behind me. They have on their little rain hats and slickers today and are talking "baby talk". I want to puke. Seriously. Harriet was talking to another mom in the neighborhood awhile back who happens to be a friend of mine. My friend told me that they were discussing songs their children liked to listen to. My friend's daughter happens to like the "barbie song". Harriet apparently was horrified, put on her disapproving face, and told my friend that that song was "immoral" and is a bad example for young girls. Yeah, the barbie song IS going to corrupt society, you know? Puh-leeze.

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Amy said...

I value my "standing" in my neighborhood too much to admit to my neighbors (especially the nosy, "my shit don't stink" neighbors), that for the better part of a month, every time my kids were in the bath tub, we would listen to "Get Off" by Prince. In fact, I think we'd listen to the entire Diamonds and Pearls album, including the simulated sex sounds. It went right over their heads, but I made sure to point the speakers right to my bible-bangin' neighbors house. The one with the obnoxious trampoline.