Wednesday, September 29, 2004

This is how much I love my dogs
This morning, Louie was being needy. He would NOT leave me alone. I always feel bad leaving them when I go to work - it just seems wrong. Anyways, I was drying my new hairdo (which somehow takes 10 minutes longer than it did before - go figure) and Louie was sitting as close to me as he could, staring up. I reached down to give him a scatch. He *really* liked this, and wouldn't stand for just two seconds of scratching. Must. Have. More. Okay, more. and more. and more. Try blow-drying your hair AND scratching your pooch at the same time. Not easy. But I did it. For 30 minutes. I was late to work. Oh well. He's worth it.


FairyDogMother said...

Hi Cheryl! Ruth here (FairyDogMother) Thanks for stopping by my're right, I do have quite a clan! I was reading your comments below about your grooming problems and handstripping your cairn...ugh. That is a job. I am the world's worst groomer. In my old Vet Teching days I worked with some amazing groomers, including some terrier specialists and that is a TOUGH job! I think they all have job-related health issues at some point. As far as BFL goes, I'm up and down and I just started in May...I'm hoping to finish a challenge 100% clean, but if I don't, oh is "For Life" and as long as we focus on "Progress" and not "Perfection" we'll be successful! Good luck with Louie! He's adorable and keep visiting my site! We dogmoms have to stick together!

Anonymous said...

When are you going to post a picture of the new do??


Cheryl said...

Kristie -I'm thinking about it...I hate pictures of me....maybe I'll do it this weekend!