Monday, September 20, 2004

Having one. Its been a stressful and busy week. Too much working, not enough alcohol...ahem..I mean fun. I haven't even had time to blog. How pathetic is that? It looks like I am going to have to go back on my anxiety meds cuz I've had, like, 5 mini-nervous breakdowns this week. Yeah, I almost broke into tears when they didn't have my shade of powder at the makeup store, and I thought the world was coming to end when my husband left my chocolate soy milk out of the refrigerator all night. I cannot make decisions either. I got my nails done on Friday and could not decide what color to have them painted. It was just too much thinking. NEED. DRUGS. I also need a fricking iced mocha and a massage. Maybe an iced mocha with some Baily's Irish creme in it...hey wait...maybe I'll just drink the Baily's WHILE getting a massage...YEAH! That's the ticket!

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