Monday, September 27, 2004

Meet "Crazydogmama: Groomer"
So I called my groomer to schedule an appointment for the pups last Friday. No one answered, so I left a message. I got a call back later that day from a young girl (not my usual groomer) who tells me that they are no longer doing "stripping" because of the "carpal tunnel" issue, and would I still like to schedule for a bath? No longer STRIPPING??? SHIT!!! Stripping is what you have to have done to Cairn Terriers instead of clipping with scissors. Its when you pull out or "strip" all the dead hair out BY HAND. It was impossible to find a groomer to do this because it is so tedious and time consuming - not to mention most groomers don't even know HOW to do it. This means I have to do it. I did it. Poor dogs. Poor Crazydogmama. My fingers were actually bleeding afterward. The dogs look a little funny...but not too bad. It took four frigging hours. So, now I am pricing out some professional grooming tools online. Grooming table, MARS Coat Handler (a stripping tool helper) and other stuff. VERY EXPENSIVE. Crap. This sucks.

You should have seen it...I set up a scrapbook table in the garage, and commenced the stripping of the dogs there. They yowled and whined - and I cussed. All the neighborhood mommies were horrified, I'm sure.

I wonder how many people will google "stripped", and will come here expecting to find naked pictures...hehe.

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blah234897 said...

Stripping terriers sucks! I have been learning how from my bf's stepmom. Her dogs are show dogs so they are probably more used to it. They don't whine, but I still feel bad pulling out their hair. I was dogsitting a Norwich for someone and the puppy needed stripped so badly, but I didn't want to return this dog all mangled so I only pulled out the gaurd hairs in the front. I hope the owner didn't notice! =)