Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Things that make you wanna hurl...
So I was listening to the radio today driving into work and this caller comes on and tells us about her recent Starbucks incident. She ordered a latte, and when she took a sip, she felt this "chunk" of stuff in her mouth. She spit it out onto a napkin and....IT WAS A BIG, FAT HAIRY SPIDER. OH. MY. GOD. She went on to say that she showed the spider clump to the barista, who in turn gave her "two weeks of free coffee". Um...I don't think so folks...Me? First, I would have hurled all over the joint. Then, I would have screamed and jumped around the store cussing. THEN, when they offered me the two weeks of coffee I would have said: "Yeah, like I ever want ANYTHING from here again! I'm suing for like, a gozillion dollars! --cuz you have to admit, that is much more traumatic and damaging then say, like, spilling hot coffee on yourself at McDonald's and getting 4 million dollars. Am I right, or am I right??? God, I want to spew right now thinking about it. Gack!


Anonymous said...

Oh, ick! I'm not a regular Starbuck's patron, but I do love me a Frap every now and then. There's been a couple times where I got sick after drinking one. I've wondered if it was because they didn't clean the blenders well enough (they just rinse them) or if maybe the whipped cream sat out too long or something. They may need to look at their system. How do you not notice a spider is in a cup before you pour something into it?


Amy said...

Gah! Ick! Bleh! I'm gagging just reading this. Nothing like combining foreign objects with my spider phobia. Ugh. I have no appetite now.

I'm with you on the hurling. They would have definately needed a mop.