Monday, August 02, 2004

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy...
Ok, I'm not necessarily a big country music fan, but the new "Big and Rich" song is way fun! A little sexist...but fun. Very catchy.

I can't believe its August already. Next thing you know, they will be showing Christmas commercials...and I probably still won't be done with the frigging painting. Got a little farther this weekend, but let me tell you how much of a pain in the ass painting "cranberry" is probably going to take 4, count em' FOUR coats. Help me NOW. Geez. Went and saw the "Village" this weekend, and if you walked into my house you would be saying..."Oh my God, the BAD attracts them!!" Liked the movie by the way - a typical twist-at-the-end Shayamalan movie. and that's all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

I like that title. Good thinking! - Divaquest

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh..I totally feel ya on the painting a room red/cranberry/any-shade-that-could-remotely-be-in-the-red-spectrum.
Go with me, please, to January of 2004. Its Maryland. Its cold. The walls are plaster. The primer is going on a dark rose. The aim is a purple wash for the dining room. Does it work? Hell no. The walls take 3 coats of primer-Zinnser-the good stuff...and then we try the dark orchid. What the HECK? The paint is actually beading up on the wall. Could it be because it is something on the order of 40ish outside and even with the heat cranked AND an oil heater in the room, the walls feel cold to the touch. Return the purple paint after 3 days of different technique attempts. Blech. Get red...try a technique. Good lord it looks like someone's head was smashed against the wall. Not exactly conductive to a good eating atmosphere. Gag. Ok...I get disgusted with the color, painting and the too damn cold walls. By this time it is the end of January. The room sits covered in paintclothes til the end of April when the walls are finally warm enough to take the paint decently.
And it still took 4 freaking coats of paint...7 layers total. Enjoy the red folks...hell is gonna freeze over before I EVER paint a room that color again. It looks gorgeous but what a freakin arduous road to get there. became a book, but I thought you would enjoy a commiserator of "the red". ;oD

Kathie * can see the room on my Xanga blog: