Saturday, August 28, 2004

For all you Girlie-Girls out there...
My very good friend is a ceramic artist, and I am decorating my newly painted (yet, not FINISHED) kitchen and family room with some of her stuff! I thought I would help her out and plug her website on my blog. It is all reasonably priced and very unique - not to mention she'll do custom work for you. As you know, I am a big fan of the "Sweet Potato Queens" books, and there are tons of "Queen" type designs such as: "Don't bother the Queen", "Queen of the Kitchen", etc. (You can also come up with your own sayings.) Her custom clocks are also fabulous - I am currently saving up for a dog clock! :-D Appropriate for me, no? Anyways, check out her site - Angelheart Designs. If you order something, tell her Crazydogmama sent you - you just might get a discount! I'll post some pictures of the stuff I've bought as soon as I am finished recharging my frigging camera batteries....they always run out JUST when I need them.


Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

You busy Diva Gal.....You do sound like your feeling better,,,big HUG to you,,,,,thank you for the nice things you said,,

Anonymous said...

I visited the AngelHeart Designs website, but a lot of the pictures didn't load for me. Did you get the same problem?

What kind of dog clock are you getting? Do you get to pick a particular breed, or is it a clock that has multiple doggies all over it?

The Doggy Diaries

Cheryl said...

Kasey - sorry the pics didn't load for you on that website...I don't have problems, but maybe you can go later and see if it works better. If it doesn't, let me know and I will notify her. I am an html dummy, so I can't give you one of those "technical" answers. :)

I have my choice of coming up with a "Cairn Terrier" design for my clock (my own sketch), or she has a bunch of different dog designs she can use, like golden retriever, etc. They are soooo cute. Maybe I'll take a picture of one to display. I know I keep promising all these pictures....time has gotten away from me.