Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A Few Tidbits
So I come home last night to a husband who was trying to finish up the red paint. He spent most of the night cleaning up the red paint off the carpet. Yes, it looks like someone bled to death in my front room. Sigh.

I am a little weary thinking about the fact that I will be working all 7 days this week. I am dreaming of a day off. No, not a Cancun vacation, just a damn day off.

It will be our 10th Anniversary on the 27th and we are supposed to go to a beautiful place on the Olympic Pennisula called Crescent Lake. Jim wants to golf and take in the sights, and I'm like: "Does the room have a bed? A jacuzzi? food? I want to sleep. and eat."

Are you feeling sorry for me yet? That is the point of this post. I want some sympathy, damn it.


Anonymous said...

Awwww...you poor thing!! (How's that?)

You do need a break, you work waaaayyyyy too hard. I hope you get lots of sleep and bubble baths on your vacay!


Anonymous said...

Work in a massage while you're there!!!


Anonymous said...

Here you go...(((loads of symapthy for you))).

Seriously, you need that sympathy, girl. Workin' 7 days & red paint on the carpet. Oy!

Happy Early Anniversary! I hope its a happy one.