Monday, August 09, 2004

Bath Time, Revisited
Have I mentioned before what an ordeal it is to give Louie and Maggie a bath? Holy Shit-O-Rama. They were stinky last night, so I decided to wash them. The first obstacle is getting them into the bathroom. You know, "the chase" because they know. Maggie peed in the hallway. Louie ran and hid. It took about 15 minutes for both Jim and I to get them in there. Then, there was dog fighting over who got to hide behind the toilet. I started with Lou. He is a doll during the washing, but when you get to the brushing and drying, it is much like you are ripping his limbs off slowly. He gets pissy when you brush his butt. VERY pissy. Then, there is Maggie. She is a TOTAL. FRIGGING. NIGHTMARE. the whole time. When I clipped her nails she wailed so loudly that Louie jumped into the bathtub to seek cover. It was completely hillarious when he peeked around the shower curtain to make sure everyone was still alive. When it was over, the bathroom looked like WWIII, and I had dog hair in my nose, in my mouth and in my eyes. I was soaked from head to toe and sweating. Louie immediately peed on the floor for revenge. AND....for the finale, when I woke up this morning, Maggie had crapped in her crate and laid in it. I am not kidding. She hasn't done that since she was a puppy. I don't know what made her do that, but it will be bathtime revisited tonight. Lucky me. No more Mrs. Nice Crazydogmama.


Anonymous said...

you really need a video camera for this next time!

Anonymous said...

awww...poor puppies! only one of my dogs hates bathtime. luckily it's not the rottie! she loves baths! the other dog makes a big mess and it's HARD to lift a squirming 80 lb. dog into the bath tub. for their last bath I just did it on a really hot day and took them outside with the hose.


Anonymous said...

Bath time for doggies can be so exasperating! I used to have a large male great dane, and he hated baths with a passion. He'd run away as soon as he saw me get the shampoo bottle out of its place in the cupboard. To top it off, our shower/tub unit was upstairs, so during the winter, when I couldn't use the garden hose on him, I'd have to heave-ho him up a flight of stairs. Imagine me, a 105 pound woman trying to tug and push a 160-170 pound dog up a flight of stairs ... not pretty!

Too bad your little Maggie laid in her poopee. Eww! I am so glad I never had to clean poop from Samson's coat. I can only imagine it would have been pretty disgusting. And the smell ... woo wee, not something I would have wanted to partake of!

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