Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sorry for all the confusion you guys...its the old Italian restaurant I work at with the new owners that is my problem, not the cute little French Bistro I just started working at.  Its hard to keep all of my jobs straight, I know.  Anyway - went down there - they are open.  Got my $$.  Yelled.  They said they didn't have my phone #.  Can you say LAME??  I know they have my #, they've called me before.  I was a little crabby with them.  It could have been worse for them.  Good thing I'm not on my period.


Anonymous said...

How many jobs do you have?!


Anonymous said...

Lookit. You gotta quit some of those jobs. How in the hell am I supposed to be able to whine about being overwhelmed by one job and a regular 40 hour work week? Huh? Ok, I'm glad we had this talk.