Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Closed for Maintenance
So I go to the restaurant on my lunch break from my office job to pick up my tip-check.  Two kitchen guys are sitting in front of the door waiting for someone to let them in.  The restaurant opens at 11am, and it is 11:15. I go back at 11:40.  There is a sign up (don't know if it was there before) that says: "Due too maintinence, we will be closed until 11am 7/28/04." - spelling mistakes and all...  Another IS 7/28/04, and it is after 11am...does someone not know what day it is, or is something wrong?  No one in the restaurant.  No one answering the phone.  I am supposed to work tonight - but I'm thinkin' I might get the night off.  Weird, I tell ya.  No one notified me or told me anything - and I just worked on Monday!  I'm just shaking my head.  Oh - and that reminds me - my headache is FINALLY fricking gone.  I slept from 1:30pm yesterday to 5am this morning. Yep, that did it!  I'm hungry...

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Anonymous said...

oh no. that sounds like they shuttered the place! eek.