Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sorry for all the confusion you guys...its the old Italian restaurant I work at with the new owners that is my problem, not the cute little French Bistro I just started working at.  Its hard to keep all of my jobs straight, I know.  Anyway - went down there - they are open.  Got my $$.  Yelled.  They said they didn't have my phone #.  Can you say LAME??  I know they have my #, they've called me before.  I was a little crabby with them.  It could have been worse for them.  Good thing I'm not on my period.
I'm pissed.
I got the night off last night - the sign was still up and the door locked.  Someone DID change the date, though.  Now it says open 7/29.  Yeah, we'll see.  Nice of them to fucking let me know, huh?  I work my day job just around the corner, so it wasn't that bad, but if I had driven in from my house AN HOUR AWAY, Crazydogmama would have thrown a major fit.  I'm talking stomping feet and mega cussing here, people.  I'm going to go over on my lunch break again and see what is going on.  They may get a piece of my mind - but I really need all my pieces.  Maybe I'll just throw a piece of my mind at them, then go pick it back up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Closed for Maintenance
So I go to the restaurant on my lunch break from my office job to pick up my tip-check.  Two kitchen guys are sitting in front of the door waiting for someone to let them in.  The restaurant opens at 11am, and it is 11:15. I go back at 11:40.  There is a sign up (don't know if it was there before) that says: "Due too maintinence, we will be closed until 11am 7/28/04." - spelling mistakes and all...  Another IS 7/28/04, and it is after 11am...does someone not know what day it is, or is something wrong?  No one in the restaurant.  No one answering the phone.  I am supposed to work tonight - but I'm thinkin' I might get the night off.  Weird, I tell ya.  No one notified me or told me anything - and I just worked on Monday!  I'm just shaking my head.  Oh - and that reminds me - my headache is FINALLY fricking gone.  I slept from 1:30pm yesterday to 5am this morning. Yep, that did it!  I'm hungry...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I'm grumpy, broke and have been getting a lot of headaches lately.  My house will never again be organized, (at least that is how it feels) and I'm working, like, 70 hours or something crazy like that this week.  Bare with me, I'll write more later when I'm feeling human.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Me and my comments
I took a co-worker friend out to lunch today for her belated birthday, and after gorging ourselves on buffalo burgers with gorgonzola cheese, we got in her nice clean car.  As she was backing up, she had to suddenly slam on her brakes because there was a steady stream of road-raged traffic behind us.  The conversation went as such:

Her (in all seriousness): "Hey, you should go out there and stop traffic."
Me: "Yeah, I could so totally DO that!"

long pause.....then we both busted up into laughter.

A couple more things...
about the picture below.  First, this is probably the only picture of me taken as a child with clothes on.  I was naked-child.  No matter where we were, or what we were doing, I was taking my clothes off and running around like a porn star.  It was hot, dammit.  Things haven't changed much, except I pretty much keep my nakedness at home because I have fat.  Everyone better hope I don't get all ripped and skinny.

Second, I wish my hair was still THAT. BLONDE.  I spend untold thousands on keeping my hair blonde.  Its maddening.


I haven't painted all week.  My house just remains a complete disaster that we have dug a maze through so we can move around.  There is a chair in the hallway that we haven't moved - we just squeeze past it.  How sad is that?

There are no words to describe how much I don't want to be at work today.  It is supposed to be in the 90's this weekend in Seattle, which means it will be in the 100's at my house.  I have no air conditioning.  I will be very grumpy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Guess Who?
Yeah, its baby Crazydogmama.  My mom likes to send me these over email.  Does it look like I'm holding my breath, or is it just me?  What a goofball.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Need a good laugh?
After finding this website, I laughed like I haven't laughed in a long time.  This statement alone made me choke on my spit:
>I paid $400.65 for a doggie door that The Jake won't use. Well, to be fair he'll use it if I hold it open. Which is something, I guess. Because that's what I had in mind when I wrote the check; a contraption that would cost fat cash, destroy my door, and not dissuade my dog from crapping in the dining room. Awesome.<

Monday, July 19, 2004

Look who has comments!  
Okay kids, play nice now.
I am one of those neat-freaks.
Recently inspired by Yogagirl's post of her newly organized bookshelf, I decided to post some pictures of what I do for FUN.  I like to help people clean and organize their homes.  I can't do the fancy stuff like on "Clean Sweep" (my favorite show), but my neighbors seems to worship me anyways.  I work for rubber stamps.  I clean, they give me rubber stamps for use in my scrapbooks.  I really enjoy organizing other people's shit.  I don't know why.  I think I need to find a way to make money at this...
Here are some pics of some recent work I did (which is still in progress), for those of you who still aren't convinced I'm crazy:  


Lou Story
Usually, Maggie sleeps in the bed with us and doesn't budge from her little spot no matter what.  We try to get Louie to sleep on the bed also, but he is Mr. Grumpy and gets all flustered if a foot moves.  He most always jumps down onto the floor beside the bed and sleeps there if our bedroom door is closed, or if it is open, he goes into his crate.  Last night, we decided to crate them for bedtime because it was extremely humid, and we didn't need any extra fur in the bed.  However, Jim forgot to lock Louie's crate when he sent him in there.  Just as I was about to doze off, I hear a 'thud' and the bedroom door squeaking open.  Just before I had a heart attack, I heard the little tinkling of Louie's collar.  ( a dogmama can always identify dogs by the sound of their collar)  He curled up next to my side of the bed and went to sleep.  I was so happy!  I thought he only did that when we forced him!  He actually likes sleeping in the same room with us!  What do you know!  Crazydogmama went to sleep with a smile on her face, feeling loved.  Its the little things, folks.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

ooohh...the ecstasy....

Wanna get freaked out??
As I've said before, you have to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt...BUT, what if this has some amount of truth to it? I've researched a little on "official" government websites, and there just may be a reason to be concerned. The article has some biblical tones to it, but for those of you who may be skeptical, I would urge you to open your mind. Surf around for info yourself - let me know what you think. (There is also this webpage.)

You may be wondering if I've lost my mind completely. Well, maybe, but over the last 4 months or so - I've been experiencing a "feeling" I can't explain, and have never felt before. It is sort of an unsettling feeling that something big is imminent. What I mean by "big" is, possible earth changes or social unrest/war escalation. You might think it is just because of the war in Iraq, etc. - but truly, it has nothing to do with that. Its weird dreams, weird feelings and a general feeling that something is wrong. It is driving me batshit, actually. I've never been interested in this kind of information before - and I can't explain the way I feel. My husband keeps rolling his eyes at me and says I watch too many silly movies. I feel like an idiot about it, but I can't help it. Its a really STRONG feeling. I am not scared at all - I don't get that way - but it definately makes me want to be in the know...

On a positive note - it looks like we might actually get the painting done by the weekend! Woohoo!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Miss Me?
I have avoided my computer for a whole week. This hasn't happened in like, EVER. Usually when I'm on vacation my husband has to pry me away from uninterrupted internet time. Not this time. I got this wild hair up my ass to PAINT THE INSIDE OF MY HOUSE. Somebody needed to warn me that this is quite possibly the STUPIDEST FUCKING THING TO DO ON VACATION. I have never cussed as much as I cussed last week....and we aren't even finished yet! I have rounded corners and texture. Making a straight line is harder than Chinese arithmetic. The dogs have been hiding from me - which is probably a good thing because little doggie nose-prints in the paint would probably not be as cute and funny as it would normally be. Everything in my house is in the middle of the living room. It smells like paint and dust. I didn't realize how much cleaning is involved when you paint. It is quite possible that I have ruined my nails. FOREVER. Eating take-out every night because your kitchen looks like WWIII, gets old quick. My knees will never recover - and I can't wear shorts because of the severe bruising. It (of course) is going to be 80+ degrees today. My neck hurts. If anyone comes into my house and says: "you missed a spot", I will probably kill them. Dead. I will post before and after pics if we EVER finish.

Other than that, we had a fun little 4th of July bash. We barbecued with friends and family, drank, and did the pyromania thing. Jim had not shot off fireworks for about 10 years, and so, it was quite terrifying. A tip: when you light off mortars...unravel the fuse completely. Jim did not do this. He put the ball in the tube, lit it, and then BOOM!!!! Shrapnel EVERYWHERE, in EVERY DIRECTION. He completely destroyed the tube. There was screaming, then silence. Then laughing. Someone said: "I think you did that wrong." DERRRRRR. Have another beer, honey. No one was hurt, but we won't live that one down for sure.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


The dogs are really funny when they play in the back yard. Maggie will huddle like a cheetah getting ready to attack, then BOOM! She surprise-plows Louie. He freaks out EVERY time. The fireworks have started here - and Maggie is on the bark-and-run-around-like-a-freak routine already. She is such a little spazoid.