Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Thunder, lightning and the barbecue.
Last night, we decided we wanted to barbecue some chicken while my parents were visiting. Just as Jim lit the coals....boom! Big thunder and pretty lightning bolts. Louie started whining and pacing, and Maggie barked and ran around the back yard trying to "get" the thunder. (she's fearless, Louie is a pussy) The weird thing is, we get maybe one or two storms like this a year, and we have had, like, twelve in the last month. Washington has also had about 6 tornados in the past few weeks - and we usually only experience maybe ONE per year. The weather has just gone all frigging wacky here. Its bizarre I tell you! Just bizarre! Anyway, we continued barbecuing (yeah, we like to play with metal things while is it storming) and then it decided to deluge on us. Crap. Finished the chicken in the oven. While sitting down at dinner, everyone commented on the fact that I was sweating profusely. I don't deal with humidity well. All in all, it was an exciting dinner. Oh, and I have a fabulous new read! It went great with the weather.

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