Thursday, June 10, 2004

OK, Stephanie...I'll play along
1. Spell your name backwards: lyrehc...haha! Like in a song, baby!

2. Where do you live? Bumfuck, Washington.

3. Describe yourself in three words: Crazy, intense, sarcastic. (what were you expecting?)

4. What is the latest you've ever stayed up? Oh, come on! Who hasn't stayed up all night? I've stayed up for about 48 hours - that's the most.

5. If you could murder someone and get away with it, who and for what reason? I believe in the Judeo-Christian ethics of "Thou shalt not kill" - but I would defend myself without hesitation.

6. If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? Duh! Many dogs.

Do you like...?

7. ...incense? Kinda - depends on why you are using it. *snicker*.

8. wax? never thought about it.

9. ...candles? Yup.

10. ...the taste of blood? No-I'm not a friggin' vampire. I like the smell of gas, though.

Describe your...

11. ...wallet: Big black leather girl-wallet. Lots of plastic in it. *sigh* Gotta cut those up.

12. ...hairbrush: huge.

13. ...toothbrush: yellow and white - from the dentist.

14. ...jewellery worn daily: wedding ring, 30th birthday diamond ring. Sometimes other stuff...

15. ...pillowcase: cream with green plant-like pattern

16. ...duvet cover: I have a comforter that matches my pillowcase.

17. cup: whatever Starbucks gives me when I order...

18. ...sunglasses: Ralph Lauren. You saw in pic in one of my earlier posts...

19. ...underwear: I like big, comfy undees or I go commando...

20. The expensive kinds..I like black leather. I don't wear shoes at home.

21. ...handbag: The biggest, cheapest black one I could find at Target. I'm not a purse-whore.

22. ...favourite top: My Texas Chainsaw Massacre T-shirt.

23. ...favourite trousers: Levi's.

24. ...perfume: Beautiful - Estee Lauder.

25. ...CD in stereo right now: Hoobastank - Reason.

26. ...tattoos: a heart with rose piercing through it - with Jim's name at the bottom. Its on my right ankle.

30. ...piercings: ears: Just one in each ear. I'm not into pain of any kind.

27. ..what you're wearing: lime green cotton shirt, black pants, black leather shoes.

28. dirty blonde with platinum hightlights. Naturally curly, but I straighten it too.

What/Who is/are...

29. your mouth: saliva.

30. your head: not much. :D

31. wishing for? that they let me off work early tonight at the restaurant...

32. ...after this? I gotta go to work when I get off work. Yeah, it sucks.

33. talking to? Just singing to the radio.

34. eating? Just drinking water.

35. to you? computer, water bottle, hand lotion...a bunch of work I should be doing.

36. ...the person you wish you could be with right now? my hubby of course.

37. ...your worst enemy? bread...wait, no, mochas.

38. you adore? Family (hubby, parents, stepson, dogs)

Care to play?

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