Tuesday, June 01, 2004

...all refreshed after 5 days off. I'm ready for the stress to begin again. I did much sleeping (and unfortunately eating) over the holiday weekend. Time to get back to the gym today and back to chicken and veggies. Exciting. It rained and stormed all 5 days - so I didn't feel bad about being such a sloth. My new goal is to exercise twice a day, 5 days a week - intense of course. Weightlifting or cardio at lunch break, and yoga when I get home at night. 6 days a week is just unrealistic for me with my work schedule. Now that I have cut out being a scrapbook consultant, and only working at the restaurant twice a week, I think I might be able to manage this without keeling over. I've been just a wee bit lax over the last few months and my muscles feel all mushy and stuff. No good! Sooo, root for me! Email me everyday and say "Did you do your workout today crazydogmama?" It would be so much easier if I had someone poking me with a stick everyday saying "GO! GO!"...literally. I'm such a slacker.

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