Thursday, May 13, 2004

TV Blues
There is nothing on TV that I want to watch. Sigh. Since Friends has ended, I think I've turned the TV on once. I loathe, LOATHE reality shows. Now, before you start spitting on your computer screen at me, I don't loathe the people that WATCH them, just the shows themselves. They really irritate me for some reason. American Idol, Survivor...all of them. It is just way too frustrating for me to watch. I seem to have the opposite opinion of the general public, so the the whole voting thing just sends me into a fit. I know that Friends is "mainstream"..but it really just crackes me up. I own all the seasons that have been released so far. Pathetic, huh? I guess I'm just stuck with Netflix for now since I'm a movie-junkie. Whatever you do, DON'T rent Elvira's Haunted Hills...really lame. Elvira, Mistriss of the Dark, however, rocked. :) Maybe I should be Elvira this year for Halloween??

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