Monday, May 10, 2004

Mocha Madness - Riding in Cars with Dogs part II
So, on Mother's Day I decided to take the dogoids with me to my mom's house. (Jim went to his mom's house by himself - we didn't have enough time to do both sets of parents together.) As you know, riding in the car is not the most calm experience with Louie and Maggie. DumbAssDogMama decided that because her head was pounding from a headache, some caffeine was in order - so I stopped at one of those drive-thru espresso stands. Once I put on the emergency break, (this is the queue for the dogs to launch) Louie dives for the window on my side - right across my lap. Pushing the fur away from my face trying to get Louie off of me, I manage to spurt out "Could I get an iced mocha with whip, please?". The girl in the coffee box was holding back laughter, I could tell. Maggie then starts her ear-piercing "oh my GOD a NEW person" squeal. As I am trying to dig money out of my purse, I am yelling at the dogs to sit, get down, shutup, sit and stay - none of which is working. The barista girl hands me my mocha, and I put it in my cup-holder telling the dogs to "stay out of it". She also hands me 2 milkbones. (What a sweetheart) Thinking the dogs are now occupied with the treats, I hand her my money. I TURN AWAY FOR ONE SECOND and BOOM!....there is Louie face-down in my mocha. I scream "NO! NO! NOOOOOO!" That's MAMA'S MOCHA!" Louie raises his fuzzy little head, and reveals his whipp-creamed nose. He has on his little doggie smile and it looks like he is ready to shave. The barista girl is now busting up. I just give up.

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