Friday, March 26, 2004

What is it with McDonalds?
Its not that I was there.... AGAIN...but its that I had another encounter with a fuckwad! My husband put a bumper sticker on my car that identifies our political stance. At approximately 6am this morning I was driving to work to do some overtime. I was hungry and thirsty. I was barely awake. The 6 shots of espresso I had already consumed just wasn't enough. I decided to stop by Micky-D's. I was not blocking any lane this time. :) As I prepared to give my order into the magic box, I hear: "What a fucking loser!" screamed at the top of Mr. Big-Truck's lungs behind me. (What IS it with big trucks??) I really didn't know he was speaking to me at first - I was just thinking "Dude, you're harshing my buzz yelling like that...". I drove forward. Again I hear: "You stupid fuck - what a waste of a vote!!" Now I'm thinking: What the hell is wrong with everyone? Is it really necessary to be this much of dick this early in the morning? Do you really think what your saying to me is going to make me think anything except that you are a loudmouth retard? I didn't hang out my window and give him a piece of my mind this time. I let it go. I was giggling a little, though, at the shear stupidity of it all. He kept riding my bumper really close, and shaking his head as if he was impatient. I kept thinking..."OH PLEEEEEZ hit me...that would be so freaking hilarious....".

So far, that is my excitement for the day...I thought I would share.

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