Wednesday, March 17, 2004

NERD ALERT!...or it could be FREAK ALERT - you decide!
When I was a young girl, I got my first start on computers playing Text Adventures by Scott Adams. Did any of you do this??? OH. MY. GOD. These were the SHIT. I had a Texas Instruments Computer, and to save a game I had to use an actual audio tape! I even remember the code was "CS1"! Ha! I spent many an hour playing these text adventures. I think the Pirate Adventure and Ghost Town were my favorites. My mom also played these games - and her and I spent a HUGE portion of our life completely consumed by them. My artistic mother even drew very detailed MAPS and stuff! She still has them! I can remember getting stuck in Ghost Town, so I *mailed* a letter to Scott Adams asking for help. It took about 2 months to get a reply, but he sent me the hint I needed! Can you imagine having to wait 2 months for ONE hint??? Too funny. Anyway, the link above will get you to a place where you can play them for FREE. (We used to pay something like 40$ for them) They are still fun eventhough the games they have out now are insanely better. I don't play computer games anymore, although you may find me goofing around with the playstation every now and then...while eating Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries. CAUTION: You may become addicted.

YOHO! (That's a hint!) ;-)

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