Thursday, March 04, 2004

Fitness Update
There is a reason why I have not talked about my fitness progress lately. There hasn't been any! I have kept off the 10 pounds I initially lost when I started my BFL challenge in January, but sadly, I have not gone any further. I have been slacking bigtime lately. McDonalds here, a mocha there, and my trip to the gym at lunch has more often resulted in sleeping in my car instead over the last week. Can you say burn-out? Don't get me wrong, I won't lay on the ground after falling off the wagon very long, but I've been feeling a bit tired lately. My doctor says "something has got to go". I am burning the candle at too many ends. The problem is, if I'm not busy, I feel anxious. Instead of feeling invigorated after I workout, I feel like taking a nap. Not good. So, I am going to take it easy this weekend. No stamping, no scrapping, no nothing. Last Friday when my trainer wanted me to do some push-ups, I couldn't. I had this intense pain in my left shoulder! The doctor says it is tendonitis, but I don't know. I'm freaked! I want to get an MRI, but I have to get a "recommendation" from my doctor, or my insurance won't pay for it. You know what I think would cure ALL of my problems? An expense-free trip to the Bahamas! Yeah! Hey, I can dream can't I?

Oh, I almost forgot. I have been eating EGGS BENEDICT at least once a day. I'm craving it!! What's that about?? I'm not pregnant or anything - but I can't get enough of it! I'm trying to figure out if I can somehow make it with egg beaters, lean Canadian bacon, and some kind of healthy hollandaise sauce?? I use whole wheat English muffins already...if anyone has a recipe...

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