Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Crazydogmama's review of YogaFit!
Ok, so after many months of corresponding with Yogagirl (see link to right), she finally convinced me to try YogaFit. I have always been "anti-yoga" - and actually used to make fun of people who did yoga. It wasn't that I didn't think it was difficult, or a good workout, it was mainly the "nirvana-like" talking/chanting thing that turned me off. If you liked yoga, I didn't think less of you or anything, but I may have thought you were weird. ;-) I'm one to talk, huh? hehe...

Nichole (Yogagirl) is a YogaFit instructor who is very fit and toned, who has successfully completed a BFL challenge (I'm jealous) and is quite a cool lady! With these things in mind, it opened MY mind to YogaFit...

YogaFit Basics DVD - taught by Beth Shaw

-Beth Shaw is a soft-spoken YogaFit instructor who truly makes it all look easy. It ain't. Trust me on this. I can do 20-30 squat reps with 30lb+ dumbells, but I can't hold a "Sun Goddess" pose for more than a minute without wanting to DIE.

-You can't smoke a ciggarette while doing yoga. (yes, my dumbass tried)

-I thought I was flexible until I tried YogaFit.

-Don't start at an advanced level. Start with the basics - you'll thank yourself later.

-I really like the music they played. It was catchy, yet soothing. It actually motivated me to keep going.

-Do YogaFit ALONE the first time you do it. You do not want someone (especially a guy) to walk in on you while doing the "dead bug" pose. You also don't want someone to see you fall over, giggle, or cuss. You are not as coordinated as you think you are.

-YogaFit is a good workout, even if you do "Body For Life"-type workouts. I was sore the next day.

-It is fun! I liked it! I get bored easily with the same old workouts...

-It is challenging, but I have a desire to improve!

-Beth does not focus too much on the "religious" aspects of Yoga. She does say "find your center" a lot, during which MY brain says: "you can't MISS my center.."

-Don't eat right before doing YogaFit.

-Beth has very big feet.

Overall impression: I'm hooked!

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