Monday, February 09, 2004

What Day is it?
I get going so crazy sometimes, that I forget what day it is. I'm pretty sure its Monday because I am at work - but ffffeehh, that really doesn't mean much because I work almost every day. If I'm not running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I'm sleeping. This morning I woke up and didn't know what day it was - and I didn't drink or anything last night!! I sleep-drove to work, and here I sit, at my desk, trying to remember what I ate this weekend so that I can record it in my journal. Now, of course, I'm updating my blog and maybe around 8 or so, I'll start working. Its a good thing my boss doesn't know my blog address, huh? Oh -here's a little tidbit for the readers interested in my hair care (which is, I think, one) I have received 3 compliments on my hair since I started using my new Aveda products this weekend! Crazydogmama LOVES compliments!!! Also, I've noticed that my husband sniffs my head alot when hugging me...a girl has got to love THAT!

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