Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Louie is mad at me
That damn dog has been ignoring me for 4 FRIGGING DAYS. It must be the grooming thing. If not, he has decided to teach me some sort of lesson. Humans are slow learners, too, ya know? He will briefly (and I mean briefly) greet me when I come home, then he will go straight to daddy. I always go to bed before Jim, and both dogs usually lay in the bed with me for a few hours. Louie won't lay in the bed with me. He just walks down the hallway...
The only exception is if I have food. Then, I am the Queen. In the morning, he always sits and looks up at me while I'm getting ready. He has been laying in the front room the last few days - won't even peek his head in to make sure I have my mascara on right. I called his nickname out last night (ass-bag) in a baby talk voice...nothing. He just walked right past me to go outside and pee. Little fucker.

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