Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Dog Fight!
Poor Louie is having a bad week. I was working, so I didn't see what ACTUALLY happened, but here is the recap I got from my husband:

Jim: "Hell...Helloo??"
Me: "What's wrong???"
Jim: "Holy Shit....You are not going to believe what just happened here!!"
Me: "What?? What happened?"
Jim: "Maggie just kicked the shit out of Louie!!"
Me: "What?" (I have said "what" in every sentence so far)
Jim: "I went to the bathroom, and Maggie followed me happily wagging her tail. Louie apparently went into Maggie's crate after she followed me and grabbed one of her toys. He came trotting along into the bathroom too. Maggie took one look at Louie with her toy in his mouth and FREAKED OUT ON HIM! She jumped on him, tore a bunch of his hair out, and snapped a bunch at him. There was much yelping and growling! They looked like the two dogs fighting at the beginning of "The Exorcist"!"
Me: "Oh my God! Is there blood? Are they OK?"
Jim: " I checked them out...they seem OK. I put them in their crates. I vacuumed up all the dog hair."
Me: "What are we gonna do with those two??"
Jim: " I don't know, I was scared. I am scared to piss off any of the women in this house."

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