Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Crazydogmama VS. Fuckwad at McDonalds.(sorry for all the cussing lately, but I just can't help it)

A little background first. I am a good driver. I know everyone says that, but really, I am. I got 100% on my driving test at the police academy (which isn't easy), and my car insurance is really low because of my AWESOME record. I am a dumb blonde when it comes to some things, but driving is not one of them. I am also slow to anger. Usually.

So, I decide to go to McDonald's today for lunch. (I know, I know, Shut up) It is a McDonald's that I have never been to before, and they have this weird 2-lane drive-thru thing going on. I decide to give it a try, and when I go around the corner to get into one of the lanes, I turn too sharp and the front of my car is partially blocking the second lane. I try to back up, but someone (of course) is right on my ass, and I can't. I'm stuck for the moment. I just wait, figuring I won't be blocking more than a second or two because the cars are moving fairly quickly through the line. So here comes Mr. big-brand-new black truck. (an extension of his penis, no doubt) He honks his horn at me. I throw my hands up. (you know, the gesture that indicates there is nothing I can do and I'm sorry?) He doesn't get it. He sticks his big fat ugly head out the window and yells: "You're blocking my lane!!". I, annoyed already, sarcastically yell back: "yeah, I did it to piss you off. Is it working?" He gets all pissy, shakes his head and yells again: "There is a REASON why they have two lanes idiot!! Learn how to drive!!" Insanely agitated Crazydogmama sticks half of her body out the window and yells: "Bite me, motherfucker!" The lane moves ahead. I order a whole lot more food than I had originally anticipated...

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