Monday, January 19, 2004

Zombie Zoo
Recovering from my weekend, here. After working overtime at my desk job, I survived my workout on Friday with my trainer. She just laughed at me - but she did take it easy on my legs. Instead, she beat my upper-body up. Now I can't walk, sit, talk on the phone (arms hurt) or do any movement that involves my abs. I also taught a scrapbooking class until midnight on Friday. Then, on Saturday, my stepson came over and I worked at the restaurant until 12:30am. On Sunday, we took my stepson home (round trip of 3 hours), went grocery shopping and other errands, ate dinner and crashed. I'm working a 10-hour shift today, then teaching another scrapbooking class tonight until about 11pm - then it starts all over again on Tuesday at 4am. What is wrong with me? I go from not getting out of my PJ's for 3 days, to running around like a mad woman. I've also been experiencing heart palpitations for the last 2 days. Gee, I wonder why?

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