Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Urinal Compromise
So my husband is busy formulating his plan for "husbandland". He is making the garage into an actual room with carpet and the like - outfitted with HDTV, surround sound, a putting green and a recliner. Somewhere where he can go when I have over the "scrapbook hens" as he likes to call them. I'm OK with this...BUT when he comes to me and says "the neighbor can put in a urinal at cost for me" I laughed hysterically and said "ummmm, NO".

After several weeks now of constant pestering, he finally says to me "what will it take for you to let me have a urinal?" I told him I wanted to make a scrapbook of all the pictures I have of BEFORE we were know, all the boyfriend pictures that I was *supposed* to throw away but I'm hiding in the closet...ha! A deal! We struck a deal and shook on it!! A little background for this: my husband is insanely jealous and possesive. He pretends I did not have any kind of a life before I met him. (funny that this is coming from a man who was previously married.) I, on the other hand, am a picture fanatic and don't believe in EVER throwing a photograph away. I am really into photo preservation. I have no feelings for any of my ex's - that is not the point for me. I even have pictures of my husband's ex in one of my scrapbooks.. I just want to scrapbook my life and write about fond memories. No one will ever look at it except me - I have no kids to leave it to. It is not that I am PROUD of some of the things I have done - I just want it documented so I can laugh, cry and remember. So, there it is. That good ol' marriage compromising crap. I wonder what kind of compromise I'll have to make to get another puppy???


Anonymous said...

Why don't you let your husband put a urinal in your garage? The neighbor will do it at cost.

Why do you work anyway? Why doesn't your husband pay all the bills, and let you be a housewife? What does he do for a living, anyway?

Cheryl said...

because urinals are icky...and I am going to let him work and pay all the bills if I get pregnant. I want to work right now - I like my job. He is a woodworker.

any other questions?