Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Strange Vibe
Ok, there are strange electrons in the air today...I don't know why. Every now and then I get this weird *feeling* that I can't explain. It is not necessarily a bad vibe, but definately a strange one. Can't put my finger on what it is. It does make me nervous, though. I am going to watch everyone very carefully today...and watch out for falling meteors. :-D

Aside from the twilight zone, my morning is quite normal. I'm tired, cranky and not in the mood to work. Everything is a mess. I don't have enough coffee to wake me up. I'm not sure the grocery store has enough coffee to wake me up. I don't want a grilled chicken salad, I want a brownie. I would rather take a nap on my lunch break instead of working out. My hair looks like a mop cuz I said "fuck it" this morning. I have no money in my account. I'm wearing the same pants I wore yesterday. (clean underwear, though) I forgot my lunch. My car smells like feet. Maybe I should just go home.

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