Thursday, January 01, 2004

It is 2004. Woohoo.
New Year's Eve is so uneventful for us. I got called in to work at the restaurant (what a surprise), but they felt bad calling me in on my vacation so I got to be the first one off. That, of course, completely pissed off my co-workers who had to stay past midnight...hahaha. It is such a clusterfuck to work on a holiday at a restaurant. By the time we all figure out what the 5 billion specials are - its over. The prices get jacked up, and the service gets crappier because everyone on the planet eats out on holidays (and cuz we are all secretly cursing those people who get to do fun stuff on holidays and can afford to go out to eat at a nice restaurant). The stupidest people alive decided to sit in my section, too. "What is Linguini?" My God in heaven... It is, however, a good night to make bank. Over a hundred dollars cash in just a few hours.

It just started snowing again here - and it is sticking to the pavement. The Seattle-metro area isn't used to getting too much snow, so the whole state pretty much shuts down with a few inches.

Oh, and I made the Beef with Barely soup from Eating for Life! (I don't give a shit about mad cow) It was pretty good! Jim left the rest of it sitting out on the counter overnight, though, and we had to throw the rest away. Never trust men to put food away before they go to bed.

How to piss off a vegan: say you belong to PETA, then go on to explain what that term means to you: People Eating Tasty Animals.

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