Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Ice Storm!
So, first, we get pelted with snow, then 60 mile-an-hour winds, then an ICESTORM. This is the freakiest BS I have ever seen. This is my first icestorm, so I did not know what to expect. Our power started blinking on and off - and that really sent me into a panic because we don't own a fireplace - yes, I'm THAT pathetic. I kept wondering if we were all going to freeze to death. I've kept the computer off for the most part because of the power threat; hence the lack of blogging. I couldn't stand it any longer, though, so here I am. The DOGS don't even like it. I did get some rather humorous video of them sliding on the ice after treats, however. I'm just evil - I'll do anything for a good picture. You'll notice the picture of Louie standing on TOP of the snow - because the top layer of that snow is ice. My front windows look like shower glass, and I can't get my car door open. I got a little extended vacation from work, too. It hasn't been fun, though. I'm feeling anxious and claustrophobic. My neighbors will call me, but no one will venture out of their house. Its like we all have this neurotic need to stay inside and whine and bitch.

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