Thursday, January 15, 2004

Do you know how hard it is to work at an italian restaurant where they give you free food when you are trying to do BFL??? Holy pasta, Batman! I was good last night...I resisted the penne with gorgonzola cream sauce and the double dutch chocolate torte. Somebody KILL me, that was hard! Just give me the mixed European greens with chicken and artichoke hearts in a balsamic vineager, please...I was literally shaking - but I don't have an eating disorder though...ha!

Everyone must read the "Tuesday, January 13th" entry of this - what a complete crack-up. I am trying to think of crazy, bratty things I did as a child, but it's not that good! When I was like 7, or so, I remember telling my friends at school that my mom went to jail - when in reality she just got a speeding ticket. Ma - do you remember that? Let's see...I took off my clothes everywhere I went when I was very young - didn't like clothes...ummm...after my mom popped me on the head with a wooden spoon for some stupid thing I did, I went and put a trash can on my head and walked around with my protection on...that is all I can think of. I'm sure my mom will fill me in soon...

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