Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Enchiladas and Neighbors
I made those EFL enchiladas again...except I used low-carb tortillas instead of corn tortillas. I told you I live on Mexican food...can't get enough! and the hotter the better! I make it so spicy that my nose runs, but it does make getting in my gallons of water for the day easier! So we had that for dinner last night, and I made enough to take to work and have some for my first meal of the day. I know, I know, enchiladas for breakfast is weird.

My neighborhood is the freak capital of the world. I have one neighbor who is *very* pissed at her husband and is constantly coming over to vent, another neighbor who decided to have her baby in her bathtub, another neighbor who insists on telling her kids good-nite stories that the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD can hear, and a neighbor couple who decide once they get home from work, to dress-up in funky clothes and put on all of their body jewelry (nose rings, nipple name it) and sit in their garage and drink. Then there is myself who walks around the house mostly naked carrying my laptop with me wherever I go.

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