Saturday, January 10, 2004

Back to Normal
Temps are back in the 50's and all the snow and ice is gone. Whew! I thought it would be wasn't. You would think that it would allow me extra time to get stuff done like cleaning, organizing - you know, all that stuff you always plead as "I don't have the time!". Well, I had the time and I was still lazy. I did, however, find the best drink EVER once we were able to break free from the ice barricades. We went to Ixtapa for some Mexican food and I ordered a "double chocolate winter". It is hot chocolate with cinnamon, Baileys, Amaretto and Kahlua. It is DA BOMB!! Best kept for free days, of course, but WOW - talk about a chocolate lovers dream...its like an orgasm in a glass. After a *few* of those - I was swept off into a very restful slumber.

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